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Peace of Mind, A New Day

I’m Dr Joanny Liu and I practice peace of mind. I’m a Doctor of Chinese medicine who teaches people how to get peace of mind. This is the secret to good mental/emotional and physical health.

It’s intentional.

Modern medicine pretends to have solutions, but what it really does is make you its prisoner. How does it do that?

With its drugs. With its diagnoses and its endless tests. They want you on their drugs for the rest of your life. Your MD gets paid with every prescription. And they give them out like candy.

Modern medicine is an industry to make money and it makes trillions of dollars off YOUR misery. It’s very good at it. Here’s the elephant in the room. Did you know that the Hippocratic oath is OPTIONAL? It surely is or they would hardly have any drugs on the market.

Side effects abound with most of their drugs. Some of them have devastating side effects such as SUICIDE or madness. The drugs are designed for the animals they continue to test them on. If they tested on humans first instead, like the ancient Chinese did, there might actually be effective drugs – for YOU!

There is a better way. The way is towards healing. The way is towards understanding WHY bad things happen to you.

Your body has been trying to communicate to you when bad things are happening. The body’s wisdom is countless millions of years old. It knows a lot and it communicates with you through your feelings.

We’ve been taught to ignore those feelings. So many of you cannot trust how you feel or you are completely out of touch, numb. Much to your detriment because feelings are warning signals. Instead you’re taught to worship the intellect. That’s why there’s so much turmoil inside you.

Peace of mind is the goal. I’m going to teach you how to obtain that peace of mind. Stay tuned.

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